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Summer Feeding Program



Summer at the Club

Our summer feeding program is designed to allow the children of the Albany community to receive a meal during the summer months where they otherwise may not. Our doors are open Monday - Friday from 12 - 2 p.m, with the day including fun and games along with lunch for children ages 4 -18. 

Summer Fun

We at the JC Club want to provide the children with a chance to have extracurricular activities available to them during the summer season. We will be hosting classes throughout July and August. Classes are a 15 person limit so don't wait to reserve your spot!


July 29th- Art with Krista

Anyone can be an artist!  Join Krista as she teaches us about the art of painting.


August 12th- Baking Creations 

Ever wanted to learn how to bake some yummy treats? Come hang out with Maggie and learn some tips that are sure to impress the whole family!


August 26th- Dance Dance, Baby!

Ready to get jiggy with it? Join our dance instructor Sarah as she teaches us how to get out groove on!







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