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One Child at a Time. 


And Passion


At the JC Club, we aim to care for and love every child that walks through the door as if they were our own. Our goal is to encourage and assist in the spiritual, mental, and physical growth of our children.


We believe that the next generation is the future hope of our nation and world. Therefore, we view the giving of our time, resources, and knowledge to our children, as an investment into a better and brighter future. 


It is our hope that children spending any amount of time in our program would leave feeling empowered with the desire and confidence to create, dream, and make a difference in their community.

Within the JC Club, mentorship holds a double definition: tutoring and trusted counseling. We are here to not only assist children with homework, but to help them walk through life as well. We strive to build relationships that secure a mutual trust to allow us to pour out wisdom into the lives of our youth. 
Our Purpose


Cassie Muller

498 1st Street, Albany NY 12206

Tel:  518-434-6100

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The JC Club was established in 2000 as a program to meet the basic needs of underprivileged children in the city of Albany. 

Since it's beginning, the JC Club has provided over 750,000 meals to at-risk children with it's

After School and Summer Feeding programs.

Here at the JC Club offers not only meals but a safe place for children to learn, grow and have fun.


We are open weekdays after school from 3:00 pm-5:30 pm and feed children ages 4-18.

(For more information on our Summer Feeding Program click here)





 Our mission is to see both individual lives and communities bettered and empowered

through the involvement and the leadership of the next generation.




In order for the next generation to rise up and become the leaders they have the potential to be,

we believe that they must first be lead well. Therefore we commit to living a life of love and compassion both in and out

of the walls of the JC Club, and focusing our efforts on teaching children respect for both authority and one another, diligence with their studies, and the value of working hard to achieve their goals. 



Getting Involved
Our Staff



At the JC Club, volunteers are a vital part of what keeps us going. Whether serving food, assisting with homework, or simply giving a child a hug, every action counts as a step towards change in the life of a child. 

We encourage schools, churches, or anyone interested in serving the community to come and volunteer with us. 




Contact us below to find out more about how to volunteer at the JC Club. 

Cara, Volunteer

I've been volunteering at the JC Club for about 6 years now. The environment is full of nothing but love and devotion to making sure the kids have a safe place to go for a few hours after school, and over the summer. We don't always know what kind of homes the kids come from, but they know the kind of place they're stepping into when they come through the doors of the JC Club.

DK, Summer Staff

The JC Club is a place that is consistently committed to creating a safe, Christ-centered environment where kids and young teenagers have opportunities to be themselves, learn, grow, and have a meal every day of the week.

Krista, Intern

I fell in love with the JC Club the moment I walked through the door. The love that these kids have to give is nothing short of amazing, but the love they need is more than a single person can give. If I can be there to connect with and love on even one child, it’s worth it. I can honestly say that interning here has been one of the richest experiences the Lord has given me.


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